CED&L is committed in knowledge promotion and information sharing and it is the centre’s most cherished dreams to criculate newsletters on contemporary issues round globe affecting the spheres of Economy, Development and Law. As a first step to it, CED&L is currently printing and publishing GLOBAL BULLETIN, which is a weekly edition carrying news articles and perspectives on International affairs. The newsletter is mandated free of cost, and only for educational and research purpose. (The first 10 issues are just pilot projects – we are working on the comments and suggestions received from the academic fraternity and designing our own original style and format.)

27th September 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN: Issue no:10Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
20th September 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN: Issue no: 9Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
13th September 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN: Issue no: 8Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
6th September 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN: Issue no:7Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
30th August 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN - Issue no: 6Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
23rd August 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN - Issue no:5Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
16th August 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN - Issue No:4Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
9th August 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN - Issue no: 3Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
2nd August 2014GLOBAL BULLETIN - Issue No:2Abhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan
26th July 2014CED&L's GLOBAL BULLETIN - Inaugral IssueAbhilash GopinathNithin Ramakrishnan