June 2015 - CEDL - Centre for Economy, Development and Law


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In May 2015, Food Safety Regulators from Uttar Pradesh, India found that Maggi 2 Minute Noodles had up to 17 times the permissible limit of lead in addition to monosodium glutamate (MSG) in it. Later in June, the New Delhi Government, the Gujarat FDA, Assam and some of India’s biggest retailers like Future Group which includes Big Bazaar, Easy day and Nilgiris have also imposed ban on Maggi. Thereafter multiple state authorities in India found an unacceptable amount of lead and it has been banned in more than 5 other states including Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. And the very next day, the central government of India outlaw nationwide sale of Maggi noodles for an indefinite period. Why? Is it an end? The crooked eyes of the commercial world can effortlessly awaken the taste buds of common man by mixing these kinds of artificial contents and chemicals. ‘Where to keep the boundary’ and ‘who will bell the cat’ is the major concern in the market now.

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